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Ability Binding List

This is a list of action bindings that can be used to activate abilities.

Key Action Binding
Left Button ability_primary
Right Button ability_secondary
Q + Gamepad Left Button ability_1 (to be deprecated)
E ability_2 (to be deprecated)
R ability_ult (to be deprecated)
Left Shift + Gamepad Left Shoulder ability_feet
0 ability_extra_0
1 ability_extra_1
2 ability_extra_2
3 ability_extra_3
4 ability_extra_4
5 ability_extra_5
6 ability_extra_6
7 ability_extra_7
8 ability_extra_8
9 ability_extra_9
Left Ctrl ability_extra_10
Right Ctrl ability_extra_11
Left Shift ability_extra_12
Right Shift ability_extra_13
Left Alt ability_extra_14
Right Alt ability_extra_15
Enter ability_extra_16
Space ability_extra_17
Caps Lock ability_extra_18
Tab ability_extra_19
Q ability_extra_20
W ability_extra_21
E ability_extra_22
R ability_extra_23
T ability_extra_24
Y ability_extra_25
U ability_extra_26
I ability_extra_27
O ability_extra_28
P ability_extra_29
A ability_extra_30
S ability_extra_31
D ability_extra_32
F ability_extra_33
G ability_extra_34
H ability_extra_35
J ability_extra_36
K ability_extra_37
L ability_extra_38
Z ability_extra_39
X ability_extra_40
C ability_extra_41
V ability_extra_42
B ability_extra_43
N ability_extra_44
M ability_extra_45
Up ability_extra_46
Down ability_extra_47
Left ability_extra_48
Right ability_extra_49
F1 ability_extra_50
F2 ability_extra_51
F3 ability_extra_52
F4 ability_extra_53
F5 ability_extra_54
F6 ability_extra_55
F7 ability_extra_56
F8 ability_extra_57
F9 ability_extra_58
F10 ability_extra_59
F11 ability_extra_60
F12 ability_extra_61
Ins ability_extra_62
Home ability_extra_63
Page Up ability_extra_64
Page Down ability_extra_65
Del ability_extra_66
End ability_extra_67

Last update: November 9, 2020