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Enum Name Value Description
AbilityFacingMode.NONE 0 Coming Soon
AbilityFacingMode.MOVEMENT 1 Coming Soon
AbilityFacingMode.AIM 2 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
AbilityPhase.READY 0 Coming Soon
AbilityPhase.CAST 1 Coming Soon
AbilityPhase.EXECUTE 2 Coming Soon
AbilityPhase.RECOVERY 3 Coming Soon
AbilityPhase.COOLDOWN 4 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
BroadcastEventResultCode.SUCCESS 0 Coming Soon
BroadcastEventResultCode.FAILURE 1 Coming Soon
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 2 Coming Soon
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_WARNING_LIMIT 3 Coming Soon
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_LIMIT 4 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
Collision.INHERIT 0 Coming Soon
Collision.FORCE_ON 1 Coming Soon
Collision.FORCE_OFF 2 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
CoreModalType.PAUSE_MENU 1 Coming Soon
CoreModalType.CHARACTER_PICKER 2 Coming Soon
CoreModalType.MOUNT_PICKER 3 Coming Soon
CoreModalType.EMOTE_PICKER 4 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
DamageReason.UNKNOWN 0 Coming Soon
DamageReason.COMBAT 1 Coming Soon
DamageReason.FRIENDLY_FIRE 2 Coming Soon
DamageReason.MAP 3 Coming Soon
DamageReason.NPC 4 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
FacingMode.FACE_AIM_WHEN_ACTIVE 0 Coming Soon
FacingMode.FACE_AIM_ALWAYS 1 Coming Soon
FacingMode.FACE_MOVEMENT 2 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
LeaderboardType.GLOBAL 0 Coming Soon
LeaderboardType.DAILY 1 Coming Soon
LeaderboardType.WEEKLY 2 Coming Soon
LeaderboardType.MONTHLY 3 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
LookControlMode.NONE 0 Look input is ignored.
LookControlMode.RELATIVE 1 Look input controls the current look direction.
LookControlMode.LOOK_AT_CURSOR 2 Look input is ignored. The player's look direction is determined by drawing a line from the player to the cursor on the Cursor Plane.


Enum Name Value Description
MovementControlMode.NONE 0 Movement input is ignored.
MovementControlMode.LOOK_RELATIVE 1 Forward movement follows the current player's look direction.
MovementControlMode.VIEW_RELATIVE 2 Forward movement follows the current view's look direction.
MovementControlMode.FACING_RELATIVE 3 Forward movement follows the current player's facing direction.
MovementControlMode.FIXED_AXES 4 Movement axis are fixed.


Enum Name Value Description
MovementMode.NONE 0 Coming Soon
MovementMode.WALKING 1 Coming Soon
MovementMode.FALLING 3 Coming Soon
MovementMode.SWIMMING 4 Coming Soon
MovementMode.FLYING 5 Coming Soon
MovementMode.SLIDING 6 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
NetReferenceType.LEADERBOARD 1 Coming Soon
NetReferenceType.SHARED_STORAGE 2 Coming Soon
NetReferenceType.CREATOR_PERK 3 Coming Soon
NetReferenceType.UNKNOWN 0 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
RotationMode.CAMERA 0 Coming Soon
RotationMode.NONE 1 Coming Soon
RotationMode.LOOK_ANGLE 2 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
StorageResultCode.SUCCESS 0 Coming Soon
StorageResultCode.FAILURE 2 Coming Soon
StorageResultCode.STORAGE_DISABLED 1 Coming Soon
StorageResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 3 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
TaskStatus.UNINITIALIZED 0 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.SCHEDULED 1 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.RUNNING 2 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.COMPLETED 3 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.YIELDED 4 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.FAILED 5 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.CANCELED 6 Coming Soon
TaskStatus.BLOCKED 7 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
TextJustify.LEFT 0 Coming Soon
TextJustify.CENTER 1 Coming Soon
TextJustify.RIGHT 2 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
UIPivot.TOP_LEFT 0 Coming Soon
UIPivot.TOP_CENTER 1 Coming Soon
UIPivot.TOP_RIGHT 2 Coming Soon
UIPivot.MIDDLE_LEFT 3 Coming Soon
UIPivot.MIDDLE_CENTER 4 Coming Soon
UIPivot.MIDDLE_RIGHT 5 Coming Soon
UIPivot.BOTTOM_LEFT 6 Coming Soon
UIPivot.BOTTOM_CENTER 7 Coming Soon
UIPivot.BOTTOM_RIGHT 8 Coming Soon
UIPivot.CUSTOM 9 Coming Soon


Enum Name Value Description
Visibility.INHERIT 0 Coming Soon
Visibility.FORCE_ON 1 Coming Soon
Visibility.FORCE_OFF 2 Coming Soon

Last update: March 1, 2021