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Light is a light source that is a CoreObject. Generally a Light will be an instance of some subtype, such as PointLight or SpotLight.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
intensity number The intensity of the light. For PointLights and SpotLights, this has two interpretations, depending on the value of the hasNaturalFallOff property. If true, the light's Intensity is in units of lumens, where 1700 lumens is a 100W lightbulb. If false, the light's Intensity is a brightness scale. Read-Write
attenuationRadius number Bounds the light's visible influence. This clamping of the light's influence is not physically correct but very important for performance, larger lights cost more. Read-Write
isShadowCaster boolean Does this light cast shadows? Read-Write
hasTemperature boolean true: use temperature value as illuminant. false: use white (D65) as illuminant. Read-Write
temperature number Color temperature in Kelvin of the blackbody illuminant. White (D65) is 6500K. Read-Write
team integer Assigns the light to a team. Value range from 0 to 4. 0 is a neutral team. Read-Write
isTeamColorUsed boolean If true, and the light has been assigned to a valid team, players on that team will see a blue light, while other players will see red. Read-Write


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetColor() Color The color of the light. None
SetColor(Color) None The color of the light. None

Last update: February 21, 2021