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A UIControl for displaying an image.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
isTeamColorUsed boolean If true, the image will be tinted blue if its team matches the Player, or red if not. Read-Write
team integer the team of the image, used for isTeamColorUsed. Read-Write


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetColor() Color Returns the current color of the UIImage. None
SetColor(Color) None Sets the UIImage to a color. None
GetImage() string Returns the imageId assigned to this UIImage control. None
SetImage(MUID imageId) None Sets the UIImage to a new MUID. You can get this MUID from an Asset Reference. None
SetImage(Player) None Downloads and sets a Player's profile picture as the texture for this UIImage control. None


UI in Core

Last update: February 21, 2021