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AIActivity is an Object registered with an AIActivityHandler, representing one possible activity that the handler may execute each time it ticks.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
name string This activity's name. Read-Only
owner AIActivityHandler The AIActivityHandler that owns this activity. May be nil if this activity has been removed from its owner. Read-Only
priority number The current priority of this activity. Expected to be greater than 0, and expected to be adjusted by the tick function provided when adding the activity to its handler, though this can be set at any time. Read-Write
isHighestPriority boolean True if this activity is the activity with the highest priority among its owner's list of activities. Note that this value does not update immediately when setting an activity's priority, but will be updated by the handler each tick when the handler evaluates its list of activities. Read-Only
elapsedTime number If this activity is the highest priority for its handler, returns the length of time for which it has been highest priority. Otherwise returns the length of time since it was last highest priority, or since it was added to the handler. Read-Only
isDebugModeEnabled boolean True if this activity has debugging enabled in the AI Debugger. Useful for deciding whether to log additional information about specific activities. Read-Only


Example using:



In this example, an AI Activity Handler is added to a vehicle, with this script as a child of the Handler. The vehicle's AI is composed of two activities: 1) Drive forward. 2) Reverse in case it can't move.

local ACTIVITY_HANDLER = script.parent
local VEHICLE = script:FindAncestorByType("Vehicle")

local averageSpeed = 100
local centerHit
local leftHit
local rightHit

local reverseTimeRemaining = 0

local throttle = 0
local steering = 0

local drivingActivityTable = {}
local reverseActivityTable = {}

-- Driving forward activity
function drivingActivityTable.tick(activity, deltaTime)
    activity.priority = 100

function drivingActivityTable.tickHighestPriority(activity, deltaTime)

    if centerHit and activity.elapsedTime > 0.5 then
        throttle = 0 -- Let go of gas
        throttle = 1 -- Press the gas

    if rightHit then
        steering = -1 -- Left

    elseif leftHit then
        steering = 1 -- Right
        steering = 0 -- Don't steer

    if averageSpeed < 30 and activity.elapsedTime > 1 then
        -- Go in reverse under these conditions
        ACTIVITY_HANDLER:AddActivity("Reverse", reverseActivityTable)

-- Reverse activity
function reverseActivityTable.tick(activity, deltaTime)
    activity.priority = 200

function reverseActivityTable.tickHighestPriority(activity, deltaTime)

    throttle = -1 -- Go in reverse
    steering = 1 -- and steer to the right

    reverseTimeRemaining = reverseTimeRemaining - deltaTime
    if reverseTimeRemaining <= 0 then
        -- Stop going in reverse

function reverseActivityTable.start(activity)
    reverseTimeRemaining = 1 + math.random()

ACTIVITY_HANDLER:AddActivity("Driving", drivingActivityTable)

-- Gather information about the vehicle's speed and obstacles ahead
function UpdateKnowledge()
    local pos = script:GetWorldPosition()
    local qRotation = Quaternion.New(script:GetWorldRotation())
    local forwardV = qRotation:GetForwardVector()
    local rightV = qRotation:GetRightVector() * 120
    local speed = VEHICLE:GetVelocity().size
    averageSpeed = CoreMath.Lerp(averageSpeed, speed, 0.1)
    speed = math.max(speed * 1.2, 120)
    local velocity = forwardV * speed
    -- Cast 3 rays forward to see if they hit something. The decisions to
    -- steer and accelerate are based on the results of these:
    centerHit = World.Raycast(pos, pos + velocity)
    leftHit = World.Raycast(pos - rightV, pos - rightV + velocity)
    rightHit = World.Raycast(pos + rightV, pos + rightV + velocity)

-- Apply driving decisions to vehicle
function OnMovementHook(vehicle, params)
    -- Disable the handbrake
    params.isHandbrakeEngaged = false
    -- Copy throttle and steering
    params.throttleInput = throttle
    params.steeringInput = steering


See also: AIActivityHandler.AddActivity | Vehicle.serverMovementHook | CoreObject.parent | Quaternion.GetForwardVector | World.Raycast | CoreMath.Lerp

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