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AreaLight is a Light that emits light from a rectangular plane. It also has properties for configuring a set of "doors" attached to the plane which affect the lit area in front of the plane.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
sourceWidth number The width of the plane from which light is emitted. Must be greater than 0. Read-Write
sourceHeight number The height of the plane from which light is emitted. Must be greater than 0. Read-Write
barnDoorAngle number The angle of the barn doors, in degrees. Valid values are in the range from 0 to 90. Has no effect if barnDoorLength is 0. Read-Write
barnDoorLength number The length of the barn doors. Must be non-negative. Read-Write


Example using:





In this example, a client script animates the width and angle of a "barn door" light. This effect could be used in sync with a door opening from a highly lit area onto a poorly lit one, generating a cinematic or emotional moment. In this case, the time t is driven by the sine of time(), but it could be driven by the door's rotation instead.

local AREA_LIGHT = script:GetCustomProperty("AreaLight"):WaitForObject()

if AREA_LIGHT.sourceHeight < 10 then
    warn("Height of the area light may be too small for this effect.")

if AREA_LIGHT.barnDoorLength < 1 then
    error("Length of area light is too small.")

function Tick()
    local t = math.sin(time()) / 2 + 0.5
    AREA_LIGHT.sourceWidth = CoreMath.Lerp(0, 100, t)
    AREA_LIGHT.barnDoorAngle = CoreMath.Lerp(0, 90, t)

See also: CoreMath.Lerp | CoreObject.GetCustomProperty | CoreObjectReference.WaitForObject

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