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Player Emotes

Player emotes are the animations like dances and gestures that players are able to start at will through the EMOTES menu, usually by pressing B or the middle mouse button. Creators can find out what emote a player is currently playing through the activeEmote property and the emoteStartedEvent and emoteStoppedEvent on the player. See the Player type for more information.

Not all players have access to all emotes, but can purchase them through the Shop and unlock them through quests. The list below shows all the possible emotes that are currently available on Core.

Display Name String Description
Basic ArmSwing emote_dance_basic_arm_swing A very simple loop of an arm swinging dance.
Basic Dance emote_dance_basic The most simple of looping dances.
Basic Head Bop emote_dance_basic_head_bop A very simple looping head bobbing animation.
Basic Side2Side emote_dance_basic_side_to_side A very simple, looping, side to side swaying animation.
Blow a Kiss emote_blow_kiss An animation expressing affection from a distance.
Boo! emote_boo A motion trying to scare someone.
Bow emote_bow A respectful bow animation.
Charge! emote_charge An enthusiastic call to action animation.
Cheer emote_cheer An encouraging cheer animation.
Cry emote_cry A sobbing animation.
Dubstep Pop Lock emote_dance_robot A looping robotic dancing motion. Very futuristic.
Eyes on You emote_eyes_on_you An animation of someone expressing sinister intent, or suspicion.
Facepalm emote_facepalm An animation expressing deep frustration featuring the application of a palm of one hand to the face.
Finger Guns emote_finger_guns An animation which has imaginary bullets being fired from hands in a pose resembling pistols.
Fire in the Hole! emote_fire_in_the_hole An animation which mimes the throwing of a grenade and protecting ones eardrums.
Flex emote_flex An animation featuring a very impressive display of strength.
For Me?! emote_gift_receive A humorous animation depicting receiving a gift.
For You! emote_gift_give An animation which presents a gift.
Frozen emote_shiver A looping shiver animation.
Get Treat emote_get_treat An animation expecting to receive candy in a bag.
Give Treat emote_give_treat An animation of a person generously distributing sweet treats.
Greet Wave emote_greet An animation demonstrating how to say "Hi".
House Step emote_dance_house_step A looping house step dance.
I Heart U emote_i_heart_you An animation expressing deep affection using fingers in the shape of a heart.
Kung Fu Ground Slap emote_kungfu_ground_slap A martial arts flourish.
LOL emote_laugh A laughing animation.
Macho Flirt Dance emote_dance_macho_flirt A joyful flirty dance loop.
March emote_march An animation of marching in place.
Meditate emote_meditate An animation portraying how to get into a state of deep tranquility.
Nah emote_no An animation to indicate a negative response to a question.
Nah Nah, Boo Hoo! emote_nanaboohoo An immature motion intended to enrage the target.
Over Here! emote_whistle An animation beckoning/alerting someone with a whistle.
Party Dance emote_dance_party A looping dance with hands in the air.
Peace emote_peace An animation celebrating the concept of peace on Earth.
Pep Rally Cheer emote_dance_cheerleader An exhilarating looping pom-pom animation.
Ready to Rumble emote_ready_to_rumble An animation that prepares the player for a fight by mashing a fist into the other hand.
Retro Swim emote_dance_retro_swim A looping retro dance celebrating aquatic activities.
Rock! emote_dance_rock A vigorous head shaking dance loop.
Salute emote_salute A militant display of respect.
Scared emote_scared A fearful response to a startling situation.
Shanty Jig emote_dance_jig A looping jig dance.
Shrug emote_shrug An animation expressing dubiousness or unenthusiasm.
Shy emote_bashful A bashful glance animation.
Sneeze emote_sneeze An animation portraying a common experience in response to a nasal irritation.
Snowball Throw emote_snowball_throw A playful snowball toss animation.
Sparkler emote_sparkler A looping animation of a person playing with an incendiary device.
Spooky Dance emote_dance_spooky A looping dance celebrating the scariest season.
Stinky emote_stinky An animation that communicates the bad smell of the area.
Stop emote_stop An animation requesting someone stop what they are doing.
Surrender emote_surrender An animation indicating a submission using a white flag.
Tantrum emote_tantrum An animation expressing deep frustration, possible rage.
The Twist emote_dance_twist A loop of the traditional dance which features twisting hips.
Top Rock Criss Cross emote_dance_toprock_criss_cross A looping animation featuring some different fancy footwork.
Top Rock Double Shuffle emote_dance_toprock_double_shuffle A looping animation featuring some fancy footwork.
Waiting… emote_waiting An animation that expresses impatience with a tapping foot.
Yep emote_yes An animation responding to a question with an affirmation.
You're Dead emote_you_are_dead An animation expressing the intent to get revenge.

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