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Enum Name Value Description
AbilityFacingMode.NONE 0 Player is not rotated when the ability changes phases.
AbilityFacingMode.MOVEMENT 1 Player is rotated to face the direction in which they are moving.
AbilityFacingMode.AIM 2 Player is rotated to face the direction in which they are aiming.


Enum Name Value Description
AbilityPhase.READY 0 The ability is ready to be used but is not currently in use.
AbilityPhase.CAST 1 The ability is preparing to execute.
AbilityPhase.EXECUTE 2 The ability is executing.
AbilityPhase.RECOVERY 3 The ability has finished executing, but has not yet entered cooldown.
AbilityPhase.COOLDOWN 4 The ability is not currently ready to use.


Enum Name Value Description
BlockchainTokenResultCode.SUCCESS 0 Data was successfully retrieved.
BlockchainTokenResultCode.FAILURE 1 An error occurred while retrieving data. Additional specific failure codes may be added in the future, so it is recommended to check for SUCCESS when determining whether an operation succeeded or failed.


Enum Name Value Description
BlockchainWalletResultCode.SUCCESS 0 Data was successfully retrieved.
BlockchainWalletResultCode.FAILURE 1 An error occurred while retrieving data. Additional specific failure codes may be added in the future, so it is recommended to check for SUCCESS when determining whether an operation succeeded or failed.


Enum Name Value Description
BroadcastEventResultCode.SUCCESS 0 The event was successfully broadcast.
BroadcastEventResultCode.FAILURE 1 Some error prevented the event from being broadcast.
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 2 The event was not broadcast because the parameter data provided was too large.
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_WARNING_LIMIT 3 The event was successfully broadcast, but the current rate of events is approaching the allowed limit.
BroadcastEventResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_LIMIT 4 The event was not broadcast because too many events have been broadcast too quickly.


Enum Name Value Description
BroadcastMessageResultCode.SUCCESS 0 The message was successfully sent.
BroadcastMessageResultCode.FAILURE 1 Some error prevented the message from being sent.
BroadcastMessageResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 2 The message was too long. It was still sent, but may have been truncated.
BroadcastMessageResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_WARNING_LIMIT 3 The message was sent, but the current rate of chat messages is approaching the allowed limit.
BroadcastMessageResultCode.EXCEEDED_RATE_LIMIT 4 The message was not sent because too many messages have been sent too quickly.


Enum Name Value Description
CameraCaptureResolution.VERY_SMALL 0 64x64
CameraCaptureResolution.SMALL 1 128x128
CameraCaptureResolution.MEDIUM 2 256x256
CameraCaptureResolution.LARGE 3 512x512
CameraCaptureResolution.VERY_LARGE 4 1024x1024


Enum Name Value Description
Collision.INHERIT 0 Object collision is enabled if its parent has collision, or if it has no parent.
Collision.FORCE_ON 1 Object collision is enabled, regardless of parent state.
Collision.FORCE_OFF 2 Object collision is disabled, regardless of parent state.


Enum Name Value Description
CoreGameEventState.SCHEDULED 0 The event is scheduled to begin in the future.
CoreGameEventState.ACTIVE 1 The event is currently active.
CoreGameEventState.CANCELED 2 The event has been canceled and will not run.


Enum Name Value Description
CoreModalType.PAUSE_MENU 1 The pause menu opened by pressing the Escape key. This value may also be used for some other minor modal dialogs.
CoreModalType.CHARACTER_PICKER 2 The modal popup in which the player selects one of their characters.
CoreModalType.MOUNT_PICKER 3 The modal dialog in which the player selects which of their mounts to use.
CoreModalType.EMOTE_PICKER 4 The modal dialog in which the player selects an emote to play.
CoreModalType.SOCIAL_MENU 6 The dialog opened when inspecting another player.


Enum Name Value Description
CurveExtrapolation.CYCLE 0 Repeats the curve in a cycle.
CurveExtrapolation.CYCLE_WITH_OFFSET 1 Repeats the curve in a cycle with an offset relative to the first or last key's value.
CurveExtrapolation.OSCILLATE 2 Extrapolates a sinusoidal curve.
CurveExtrapolation.LINEAR 3 Curves follow a linearly increasing or decreasing value before and after the ends of the curve.
CurveExtrapolation.CONSTANT 4 Values remain constant, using the first key value before the beginning of the curve and the last key value after the end of the curve.


Enum Name Value Description
CurveInterpolation.LINEAR 0 Uses linear interpolation, with the value moving in a straight line from one key to the next.
CurveInterpolation.CONSTANT 1 Uses a constant value, resulting in stepped changes from one key to the next.
CurveInterpolation.CUBIC 2 Uses cubic interpolation to generate a smooth curve.


Enum Name Value Description
DamageReason.UNKNOWN 0 Unknown damage type.
DamageReason.COMBAT 1 Player is taking damage from an enemy player.
DamageReason.FRIENDLY_FIRE 2 Player is taking damage from an ally player.
DamageReason.MAP 3 Player is taking damage from the environment.
DamageReason.NPC 4 Player is taking damage from a non-player character.


Enum Name Value Description
DetailLevel.LOW 0 Low.
DetailLevel.MEDIUM 1 Medium.
DetailLevel.HIGH 2 High.
DetailLevel.ULTRA 3 Ultra, the highest detail level.


Enum Name Value Description
FacingMode.FACE_AIM_WHEN_ACTIVE 0 Player will face the direction of their aim while moving.
FacingMode.FACE_AIM_ALWAYS 1 Player always faces the direction of their aim.
FacingMode.FACE_MOVEMENT 2 Player faces the direction of their movement.


Enum Name Value Description
IKAnchorType.LEFT_HAND 0 The left hand.
IKAnchorType.RIGHT_HAND 1 The right hand.
IKAnchorType.PELVIS 2 The pelvis.
IKAnchorType.LEFT_FOOT 3 The left foot.
IKAnchorType.RIGHT_FOOT 4 The right foot.


Enum Name Value Description
ImageTileType.NONE 0 The texture is stretched to the size of the container.
ImageTileType.HORIZONTAL 1 The texture is tiled horizontally and stretched vertically.
ImageTileType.VERTICAL 2 The texture is tiled vertically and stretched horizontally.
ImageTileType.BOTH 3 The texture is tiled along both axes.


Enum Name Value Description
InputType.KEYBOARD_AND_MOUSE 0 Input from a keyboard and mouse.
InputType.CONTROLLER 1 Input from a game controller.
InputType.TOUCH 2 Input from a touch screen.


Enum Name Value Description
LeaderboardType.GLOBAL 0 Global all-time leaderboard.
LeaderboardType.DAILY 1 Daily leaderboard that resets every 24 hours.
LeaderboardType.WEEKLY 2 Weekly leaderboard that resets every 7 days.
LeaderboardType.MONTHLY 3 Weekly leaderboard that resets at the beginning of each month.


Enum Name Value Description
LookControlMode.NONE 0 Look input is ignored.
LookControlMode.RELATIVE 1 Look input controls the current look direction.
LookControlMode.LOOK_AT_CURSOR 2 Look input is ignored. The player's look direction is determined by drawing a line from the player to the cursor on the Cursor Plane.


Enum Name Value Description
MouseButton.LEFT 1 The left mouse button.
MouseButton.RIGHT 2 The right mouse button.
MouseButton.MIDDLE 3 The middle mouse button.
MouseButton.THUMB_1 4 The first thumb button.
MouseButton.THUMB_2 5 The second thumb button.


Enum Name Value Description
MovementControlMode.NONE 0 Movement input is ignored.
MovementControlMode.LOOK_RELATIVE 1 Forward movement follows the current player's look direction.
MovementControlMode.VIEW_RELATIVE 2 Forward movement follows the current view's look direction.
MovementControlMode.FACING_RELATIVE 3 Forward movement follows the current player's facing direction.
MovementControlMode.FIXED_AXES 4 Movement axis are fixed.


Enum Name Value Description
MovementMode.NONE 0 Movement is disabled.
MovementMode.WALKING 1 Player is standing or walking.
MovementMode.FALLING 3 Player is jumping or falling.
MovementMode.SWIMMING 4 Player is swimming.
MovementMode.FLYING 5 Player is flying.


Enum Name Value Description
NetReferenceType.UNKNOWN 0 Unknown NetReference.
NetReferenceType.LEADERBOARD 1 Leaderboard key.
NetReferenceType.SHARED_PLAYER_STORAGE 2 Shared player storage key.
NetReferenceType.SHARED_STORAGE 2 NetReferenceType.SHARED_STORAGE has been renamed to SHARED_PLAYER_STORAGE. SHARED_STORAGE will be removed in a future release.
NetReferenceType.CREATOR_PERK 3 Creator perk.
NetReferenceType.CONCURRENT_SHARED_PLAYER_STORAGE 4 Concurrent shared player storage key.
NetReferenceType.CONCURRENT_CREATOR_STORAGE 5 Concurrent creator storage key.


Enum Name Value Description
NetworkContextType.NETWORKED 2 Spawned on the server and replicated to clients.
NetworkContextType.CLIENT_CONTEXT 3 Spawned on the client only.
NetworkContextType.SERVER_CONTEXT 4 Spawned on the server only.
NetworkContextType.STATIC_CONTEXT 5 Spawned independently on client or server and not replicated.
NetworkContextType.LOCAL_CONTEXT 6 Spawned independently on client or server and not replicated, but allowing properties to be modified after spawning.


Enum Name Value Description
Orientation.HORIZONTAL 0 Scrolls horizontally.
Orientation.VERTICAL 1 Scrolls vertically.


Enum Name Value Description
PlatformType.UNKNOWN 0 Unknown.
PlatformType.WINDOWS 1 Windows.
PlatformType.IOS 2 iOS.
PlatformType.LINUX 3 Linux.


Enum Name Value Description
PlayerTransferReason.UNKNOWN 0 Player left or joined for an unknown reason, or has opted out of sharing this information.
PlayerTransferReason.CHARACTER 1 Player left to manage their character avatar.
PlayerTransferReason.CREATE 2 Player left to create games.
PlayerTransferReason.SHOP 3 Player left to browse the shop.
PlayerTransferReason.BROWSE 4 Player browsed to a game in the main menu or via the website.
PlayerTransferReason.SOCIAL 5 Player joined a friend in a game via the social panel.
PlayerTransferReason.PORTAL 6 Player used a portal from one game to another (or otherwise made use of the TransferToGame() function.)
PlayerTransferReason.AFK 7 Player was disconnected for being AFK.
PlayerTransferReason.EXIT 8 Player exited Core. Core was sad.
PlayerTransferReason.PORTAL_SCENE 9 Player used a portal from one scene to another (or otherwise made use of the TransferToScene() function.)


Enum Name Value Description
PrivateNetworkedDataResultCode.SUCCESS 0 The operation succeeded.
PrivateNetworkedDataResultCode.FAILURE 1 An error occurred.
PrivateNetworkedDataResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 2 The value is too large and was not stored.


Enum Name Value Description
ProgressBarFillType.LEFT_TO_RIGHT 0 Progress bar fills from left to right.
ProgressBarFillType.RIGHT_TO_LEFT 1 Progress bar fills from right to left.
ProgressBarFillType.FROM_CENTER 2 Progress bar fills from the center outward.
ProgressBarFillType.TOP_TO_BOTTOM 3 Progress bar fills from top to bottom.
ProgressBarFillType.BOTTOM_TO_TOP 4 Progress bar fills from bottom to top.


Enum Name Value Description
RespawnMode.NONE 0 Player does not respawn automatically.
RespawnMode.IN_PLACE 1 Respawns the player at the same location and rotation as when they died.
RespawnMode.ROUND_ROBIN 2 Selects start points in a repeating sequential pattern.
RespawnMode.AT_CLOSEST_SPAWN_POINT 3 Respawns the player at the start point closest to the location the player died.
RespawnMode.FARTHEST_FROM_OTHER_PLAYERS 4 Respawns the player at the start point farthest from any other player.
RespawnMode.FARTHEST_FROM_ENEMY 5 Respawns the player at the start point farthest from an enemy player.
RespawnMode.RANDOM 6 Respawns the player at a random start point.


Enum Name Value Description
RewardsDialogTab.QUESTS 1 The quests tab.
RewardsDialogTab.GAMES 2 The games tab.


Enum Name Value Description
RotationMode.CAMERA 0 Default, uses the rotation of the active Camera object.
RotationMode.NONE 1 Camera does not rotate.
RotationMode.LOOK_ANGLE 2 Camera rotates based on player's look direction.


Enum Name Value Description
SpawnMode.RANDOM 0 Spawns the player at a random start point.
SpawnMode.ROUND_ROBIN 1 Selects start points in a repeating sequential pattern.
SpawnMode.FARTHEST_FROM_OTHER_PLAYERS 2 Spawns the player at the start point farthest from any other player.
SpawnMode.FARTHEST_FROM_ENEMY 3 Spawns the player at the start point farthest from an enemy player.


Enum Name Value Description
StorageResultCode.SUCCESS 0 Data was successfully saved.
StorageResultCode.STORAGE_DISABLED 1 Player Storage is disabled in the game's settings.
StorageResultCode.FAILURE 2 An error occurred saving the player's data.
StorageResultCode.EXCEEDED_SIZE_LIMIT 3 The provided data is too large and could not be saved.
StorageResultCode.REQUEST_ALREADY_QUEUED 4 A request was made to set creator or player data while a request was already in progress to update that same data.


Enum Name Value Description
TaskStatus.UNINITIALIZED 0 Indicates the Task reference is invalid or the task has been destroyed.
TaskStatus.SCHEDULED 1 The task is scheduled to run at some point in the future.
TaskStatus.RUNNING 2 The task is in the process of executing. Note that multiple tasks may be in this state, for example if an executing task triggers an event with connected listeners, that task will still be considered "running" while the event listeners execute.
TaskStatus.COMPLETED 3 The task has successfully finished executing.
TaskStatus.YIELDED 4 The task has yielded through an explicit call to coroutine.yield(). Tasks in this state are no longer managed by Core's Script Runtime and must be resumed manually.
TaskStatus.FAILED 5 An error occurred while executing the task.
TaskStatus.CANCELED 6 The task was canceled, either by a call to Task.Cancel() or because its script was destroyed.
TaskStatus.BLOCKED 7 The task is waiting for an operation to complete before resuming execution. Examples include a call to CoreObjectReference:WaitForObject(), CorePlatform.GetGameInfo(), etc.


Enum Name Value Description
TeamMode.FREE_FOR_ALL 0 Players are hostile to all other players.
TeamMode.TEAM_VERSUS 1 Players are assigned to teams that are hostile to each other.
TeamMode.FRIENDLY 2 Players are friendly to all other players.


Enum Name Value Description
TextJustify.LEFT 0 Left-aligned.
TextJustify.CENTER 1 Centered.
TextJustify.RIGHT 2 Right-aligned.


Enum Name Value Description
TextVerticalJustify.TOP 0 Top-aligned.
TextVerticalJustify.BOTTOM 1 Bottom-aligned.
TextVerticalJustify.CENTER 2 Centered.
TextVerticalJustify.BASELINE 3 Baseline-aligned.


Enum Name Value Description
UIPivot.TOP_LEFT 0 Pivots from the top-left corner.
UIPivot.TOP_CENTER 1 Pivots from the center of the top edge.
UIPivot.TOP_RIGHT 2 Pivots from the top-right corner.
UIPivot.MIDDLE_LEFT 3 Pivots from the center of the left edge.
UIPivot.MIDDLE_CENTER 4 Pivots from the center of the object.
UIPivot.MIDDLE_RIGHT 5 Pivots from the center of the right edge.
UIPivot.BOTTOM_LEFT 6 Pivots from the bottom-left corner.
UIPivot.BOTTOM_CENTER 7 Pivots from the center of the bottom edge.
UIPivot.BOTTOM_RIGHT 8 Pivots from the bottom-right corner.
UIPivot.CUSTOM 9 Currently unused.


Enum Name Value Description
Visibility.INHERIT 0 Object is visible if its parent is visible, or if it has no parent.
Visibility.FORCE_ON 1 Object is visible, regardless of parent state.
Visibility.FORCE_OFF 2 Object is not visible, regardless of parent state.


Enum Name Value Description
VoiceChannelType.NORMAL 0 A regular voice chat channel. Player volume is not affected by player position.
VoiceChannelType.POSITIONAL 1 A positional voice chat channel. Player volume is affected by the speaker's position in relation to the listener.


Enum Name Value Description
VoiceChatMethod.PUSH_TO_TALK 0 Player presses Push-to-Talk hotkey to speak in voice chat.
VoiceChatMethod.DETECT_SPEAKING 2 Core detects when the player is speaking and automatically activates voice chat.


Enum Name Value Description
VoiceChatMode.NONE 0 Voice chat is disabled.
VoiceChatMode.TEAM 1 Voice chat is enabled for team members.
VoiceChatMode.ALL 2 Voice chat is enabled for all players in the game instance.

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