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Item is an interface which defines properties and functions for items in an Inventory or spawned in the world.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
itemAssetId string Asset ID defining this Item's properties. Read-Only
itemTemplateId string Asset reference that is spawned as a child of an ItemObject when spawned in the world. May be nil. Read-Only
maximumStackCount integer The maximum number of items in one stack of this item. Zero or negative numbers indicate no limit. Read-Only
count integer The number of items this object represents. Read-Write


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetCustomProperties() table Returns a table containing the names and values of all custom properties on an Item. None
GetCustomProperty(string propertyName) value, boolean Returns the value of a specific custom property or nil if the Item does not possess the custom property. The second return value is true if the property is found or false if it is not. None
SetCustomProperty(string propertyName, value) boolean Sets the value of a custom property. The value must match the existing type of the property. Returns true if the property was successfully set. If the property could not be set, returns false or raises an error depending on the cause of the failure. None

Dernière mise à jour: 9 février 2022