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Key Binding List

Key bindings for the Player bindingPressed and bindingReleased events as well as an Ability actionBinding property are designated with strings. Players can remap all of the keys associated with these bindings individually, but their default values are listed below.

Key Action Binding
Left Button ability_primary
Right Button ability_secondary
Q + Gamepad Left Button ability_1 (to be deprecated)
E ability_2 (to be deprecated)
R ability_ult (to be deprecated)
Left Shift + Gamepad Left Shoulder ability_feet
0 ability_extra_0
1 ability_extra_1
2 ability_extra_2
3 ability_extra_3
4 ability_extra_4
5 ability_extra_5
6 ability_extra_6
7 ability_extra_7
8 ability_extra_8
9 ability_extra_9
Left Ctrl ability_extra_10
Right Ctrl ability_extra_11
Left Shift ability_extra_12
Right Shift ability_extra_13
Left Alt ability_extra_14
Right Alt ability_extra_15
Enter ability_extra_16
Space ability_extra_17
Caps Lock ability_extra_18
Tab ability_extra_19
Q ability_extra_20
W ability_extra_21
E ability_extra_22
R ability_extra_23
T ability_extra_24
Y ability_extra_25
U ability_extra_26
I ability_extra_27
O ability_extra_28
P ability_extra_29
A ability_extra_30
S ability_extra_31
D ability_extra_32
F ability_extra_33
G ability_extra_34
H ability_extra_35
J ability_extra_36
K ability_extra_37
L ability_extra_38
Z ability_extra_39
X ability_extra_40
C ability_extra_41
V ability_extra_42
B ability_extra_43
N ability_extra_44
M ability_extra_45
Up ability_extra_46
Down ability_extra_47
Left ability_extra_48
Right ability_extra_49
F1 ability_extra_50
F2 ability_extra_51
F3 ability_extra_52
F4 ability_extra_53
F5 ability_extra_54
F6 ability_extra_55
F7 ability_extra_56
F8 ability_extra_57
F9 ability_extra_58
F10 ability_extra_59
F11 ability_extra_60
F12 ability_extra_61
Ins ability_extra_62
Home ability_extra_63
Page Up ability_extra_64
Page Down ability_extra_65
Del ability_extra_66
End ability_extra_67

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