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A data structure containing a player's entry on a leaderboard. See the Leaderboards API for information on how to retrieve or update a LeaderboardEntry.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
id string The ID of the Player whose entry this is. Read-Only
name string The name of the Player whose entry this is. Read-Only
score number The Player's score. Read-Only
additionalData string Optional additional data that was submitted along with the Player's score. (See Leaderboards.SubmitPlayerScore() for more information.) Read-Only


Example using:





The Leaderboards namespace contains a set of functions for retrieving and updating player leaderboard data. This is a special kind of persistence that lets you save high scores for a game, with the data being associated with the game itself, rather than any particular player.

In order to use these functions, you must first create a Global Leaderboard in the Core editor. (Select Global Leaderboards, under the Window menu.)

function PrintLeaderboardEntry(entry)
    print(string.format("%s (%s): %d [%s]",,, entry.score, entry.additionalData))

-- To create this reference, create a custom property of type 'netreference',
-- and drag a leaderboard into it, from the Global Leaderboards tab:
local LEADERBOARD_REF = script:GetCustomProperty("LeaderboardRef")

-- Verify that we actually have leaderboard data to load:
if Leaderboards.HasLeaderboards() then
    -- Save a score to the leaderboard:
    Leaderboards.SubmitPlayerScore(LEADERBOARD_REF, player, math.random(0, 1000), "Xyzzy")

    -- Print out all the global scores on the leaderboard:
    print("Global scores:")
    local leaderboard = Leaderboards.GetLeaderboard(LEADERBOARD_REF, LeaderboardType.GLOBAL)
    for k, v in pairs(leaderboard) do

    -- Print out all the daily scores on the leaderboard:
    print("Daily scores:")
    local leaderboard = Leaderboards.GetLeaderboard(LEADERBOARD_REF, LeaderboardType.DAILY)
    for k, v in pairs(leaderboard) do
local leaderboard = Leaderboards.GetLeaderboard(LEADERBOARD_REF, LeaderboardType.MONTHLY)
local leaderboard = Leaderboards.GetLeaderboard(LEADERBOARD_REF, LeaderboardType.WEEKLY)

See also: Leaderboards.GetLeaderboard

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