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PlayerStart is a CoreObject representing a spawn point for players.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
team integer Determines which players are eligible to spawn/respawn at this point. Read-Write
playerScaleMultiplier number The scale applied to a player that is spawned at this start point. Read-Write
spawnTemplateId string The asset ID of a template spawned on clients when a player spawns at this start point. May be nil. Read-Only
key string The key associated with this start point. Read-Write
shouldDecrowdPlayers boolean When set to true, a collision check will be performed for spawning players to prevent them from overlapping with other players. Read-Write


Example using:




In this example, 5 seconds after the game starts, all players will respawn at this spawn point. Also, all players will be twice as tall and be on team 1.

local playerStartSettings = script.parent

--All players that use this spawn point will be on team 1 when respawned = 1

--When a player spawns at this spawn point, they will be twice their normal size
playerStartSettings.playerScaleMultiplier = Vector3.New(2, 2, 2)

--Set the spawn "key" of this spawn point so that it can be referenced when a player respawns
playerStartSettings.key = "FirstSpawnPoint"

function OnGameStarted()
    --Get a list of all players
    local players = Game.GetPlayers()

    --Wait 5 seconds before respawning all players at this spawn point

    for _, player in ipairs(players) do


See also: Player.Spawn | Task.Wait | Game.GetPlayers | CoreObject.parent | Vector3.New

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