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ScriptAsset is an Object representing a script asset in Project Content. When a script is executed from a call to require(), it can access the script asset using the script variable.

This can be used to read custom properties from the script asset.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
name string The name of the script in Project Content. Read-Only
id string The script asset's MUID. Read-Only


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetCustomProperties() table Returns a table containing the names and values of all custom properties on the script asset. None
GetCustomProperty(string propertyName) value, boolean Gets an individual custom property from the script asset. Returns the value, which can be an integer, number, boolean, string, Vector3, Rotator, Color, a MUID string, or nil if not found. Second return value is a boolean, true if found and false if not. None


Example using:





In this example we have two scripts. The first one is only in project content and behaves as the ScriptAsset. The second script is placed in the hierarchy. To complete the setup, the first script is assigned as a custom property of the second script, so that require() may be called on it.

-- Contents of the first script that is in project content, but not in the hierarchy
print("Script Asset: " .. .. ", " ..
local assetProperties = script:GetCustomProperties()

for k,v in pairs(assetProperties) do
    print(k, ":", v)

local FOO = script:GetCustomProperty("Foo")
if not FOO then
    print("The script asset does not have custom property 'Foo'")

-- Contents of the second script, that is in hierarchy and requires the script asset
require( script:GetCustomProperty("MyFirstScript") )

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