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A UIControl that supports scrolling a child UIControl that is larger than itself. Inherits from UIControl.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
orientation Orientation Determines whether the panel scrolls horizontally or vertically. Default is Orientation.VERTICAL. Read-Write
scrollPosition number The position in UI space of the scroll panel content. Defaults to 0, which is scrolled to the top or left, depending on orientation. Set to the value of contentLength to scroll to the end. Read-Write
contentLength number Returns the height or width of the scroll panel content, depending on orientation. This is the maximum value of scrollPosition. Read-Only
isInteractable boolean When true, panel scrolling is enabled. When false, scrolling is disabled. Defaults to true. Read-Write


Example using:




In this example, a scroll panel has two functions that can be called to animate the scroll position to the top or botton: ScrollToTop() and ScrollToBottom(). The panel's isInteractable property is temporarily set to false during an auto-scroll, to prevent the user's manual scrolling from interfering with the animation. Such bad interaction between manual and auto scrolling is more likely at lower Lerp speeds.

local UISCROLL_PANEL = script:GetCustomProperty("UIScrollPanel"):WaitForObject()
local LERP_SPEED = 6


local scrollTarget = nil

function ScrollToTop()
    scrollTarget = 0
    UISCROLL_PANEL.isInteractable = false

function ScrollToBottom()
    scrollTarget = UISCROLL_PANEL.contentLength
    UISCROLL_PANEL.isInteractable = false

function Tick(deltaTime)
    if scrollTarget then
        local t = CoreMath.Clamp(deltaTime * LERP_SPEED)
        local newScrollPosition = CoreMath.Lerp(UISCROLL_PANEL.scrollPosition, scrollTarget, t)

        if math.abs(newScrollPosition - scrollTarget) < 1 then
            newScrollPosition = scrollTarget
            scrollTarget = nil
            UISCROLL_PANEL.isInteractable = true
        UISCROLL_PANEL.scrollPosition = newScrollPosition

See also: UI.SetCursorVisible | CoreMath.Lerp | CoreObject.GetCustomProperty

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