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Make Your First Game

Whether you're a new creator or an experienced developer, Core is the easiest way to build, host, and run multiplayer games and worlds. We provide the servers, the assets, and all the code needed to get your first game built and published in minutes. To get started, choose a tutorial below.

Choose A Genre

Deathmatch Dungeon Survival
Build the perfect arena, weapons, and rules for a fast-paced action shooter for up to 8 players. Create an RPG world that saves gold and levels between sessions, complete with enemy NPC's and an item shop. Let players fight zombies, gathering materials, build items and fortify shelters in this framework made by Team META.
Deathmatch Dungeon Survival
Time to Complete: 20 - 30 mins Time to Complete: 45 mins - 1 hour Time to Complete: 1 hour+
  • Exploring Free Core Content
  • Designing Multiplayer Maps
  • Transforming Objects
  • Using Core's Materials
  • Publishing Your Game
  • Leveling and Progression
  • Using Community-Created Assets
  • Building Terrain
  • Designing Loot Tables
  • Saving Player Data between Sessions
  • Creating an Item Database
  • Building Terrain
  • Creating new NPC enemies
  • Organizing Item Spawns
  • Using Cameras to Create a Mini-Map

Coming From Other Platforms

If you are a developer on another platform, check out our guides to quickly learn what is new and different about Core.

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