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Artificial Intelligence in Core

AI is a multifaceted system currently in development that will be releasing different modules in this and upcoming patches to help creators implement Artificial Intelligence in their games. The modules shipped in this patch are AIActivityHandler and the AIDebugger.

AI Activity System

The AIActivityHandler is an object that can have multiple AIActivity objects associated with it. An AIActivityHandler can have activities registered, and the activity with the highest priority becomes the active state.


It has always been possible to build a system similar to the AI Activity System using pure Lua, the new AIActivity and AIActivityHandler types allow creators to do this with a new, cleaner interface that interacts with the AIDebugger and upcoming new AI systems.

Create a New AIActivityHandler

Using Core Content

The AI Activity Handler object is in Core Content in the Gameplay Objects section of GAME OBJECTS. Searching Core Content for activity is another way to find the activity handler.

Drag the AI Activity Handler into the Hierarchy to create a new AIActivityHandler.

AI Activity Handler in Core Content

Using the AI Debugger

Open the Window menu to find the AI Debugger window to create a new AI Activity Handler and add it to the Hierarchy. Press the Create New Handler button to do this in one step.

Create New Handler button in AI Debugger


Each AI Activity Handler manages different AIActivities, which are Core API types with multiple properties including priority, that allow the handler to decide which activity it should choose. Each AIActivity also has distinct phases that allow you to execute code when an activity starts, is running, and when it stops. See AIActivity in the Core Lua API.

Create a new AIActivity

AI Activities get assigned to an AI Activity Handler using the AddActivity function from a Lua script. The Script Generator in the AI Debugger window has a code template to help get started.

Open the Script Generator

AI Activity Handler Tutorial

There is a complete tutorial available for learning the AIActivityHandler through building a TicTacToe game. See the AI Activity Tutorial to learn more.

AI Debugger

The AI Debugger is a window that allows creators to see all AI Activity Handlers, create new ones, and enable/disable them for preview.

Open the AI Debugger

To find the AI Debugger, open the Window menu in the top menu toolbar and select AI Debugger.

AI Debugger in Window Menu

Learn More

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