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Creator Analytics


The Creator Analytics feature is designed to give creators more information about the number of players playing your game for the first time each day, and how many return later.


Currently, Creator Analytics is only available to members of the Creator Payouts Program. To learn more about monetizing your games, see the Creator Payouts FAQ. All creators can access information about their games through the Creator Dashboard.

Downloading and Importing Data

Finding the Data

To find the monthly retention data for all your games, see the Create Page on the web. In the left side navigation, you should find links for the Creator Dashboard, and a new one for Creator Analytics.

Downloading the CSV

Data for all your games is aggregated by month into a single CSV file. By default, this will select the most recent month, but you can also choose data from previous months with the drop-down menu.


The earliest data available will be from October 2020 for creators who joined the Payouts Program before October 2020.

Importing the CSV


CSV files are a lightweight data files that separate values by commas that can be easily imported into your preferred spreadsheet software.

In Chrome, you can open a CSV file and see options to import into various spreadsheet programs.

Specific instructions to import by program:

Interpreting Data

Cohorted Data

Data for each game is cohorted, meaning that it follows the group of users who try the game for the first time (D0) on a given day and tracks how many of each of them return later in the month.


date players_d0 players_d1 players_d2
2020-10-14 51 1 1

In the example above, on the 14th of October, there were 51 players playing for the first time (Day 0 or D0). The players_d1 column tracks how many of those original 51 players returned the next day (Day 1 or D1). In this case, only 1. The third column tracks how many players from the original group of 51 played again two days later, on October 16th.

Getting the Most Recent Data

Data for a given day is added two days later to make sure that it is fully accurate.


Column Name Definition
account_id Your unique creator ID
user_name Your creator username
game_id The unique ID of one of your games
game_name The name of the game. Both ID and name are provided because creators can have multiple games with the same name.
date The date of the new cohort of users playing for the first time.
dau The number of daily users for the day in date
dau_average_month_to_date The average of those daily users for the month so far.
sessions Total number of plays of the game that day
session_time_minutes The average time a player spent in the game that day
players_d0 The number of players playing on the date for the first time.
players_d7 The number of the players who played for the first time on the date and returned seven days later.
players_d0_month_to_date Average number of new players per day from the beginning of the month to the date
retention_d1_percent The percentage of new players from the date who returned one day later.
retention_d1_month_to_date_percent The average percentage of players who return one day later from the beginning of the month to the date.

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