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Core Monetization Rules

The goal of Perks is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between players and creators where players are able to purchase in-game benefits that enhance their experience while creators are financially supported and able to continue developing games players love

With that in mind, we have created rules on monetization and monetization tactics in order to foster a positive relationship and trust between players and creators.

The following are prohibited by Core's TOS and can result in removal from the program:

  • Lying, misleading, scamming, account theft, or other attempts to exploit Core users or features;
  • Exchanging Core Credits or other Core Content for real currency other than through Perks; or
  • Any illegal activity

In addition, the Perks Program has the following guidelines:

Random Virtual Rewards

For Perks that grant random virtual items, you must show the odds of what players may receive. Put another way, if the player spends Core Credits for a benefit that is determined at random, then you are required to show the odds clearly.

This rule applies whether it is a direct purchase, such as buying a Perk with a random result, or indirect purchase, such as a Perk providing a virtual currency that you later spend for random virtual items. For the latter case, you must clearly show the odds associated with players receiving items wherever the player spends the virtual currency for random goods.

Never Disable Active Perks or Unpublish Games with Them

If a game has “active” Perks that players have purchased, such as a Battle Pass that is still live, take extra care to not take the game down or otherwise cause the Perk to become inaccessible. This is also true for Permanent Perks. If you have sold Permanent Perks in your game, you must keep the game accessible and the perk available, even if it is no longer purchasable.

If we find a creator abusing the Perks system or we receive multiple player reports about Perks for a specific creator, we will take appropriate actions to resolve issues, up to and including removal from the program.

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Last update: September 13, 2021