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Tutorial Category Time Description
Abilities Abilities 10 Mins Learn how to give your characters new powers and abilities.
Weapons Equipment & Weapons 15 Mins Create your first custom weapon in Core.
Advanced Abilities Equipment & Abilities 20 Mins Make a magical staff, learn to fly, visual FX.
Basic Scripting Scripting with Lua 25 Mins Take your creating to the next level by scripting with Lua
Advanced Scripting Items Scripting with Lua 30 Mins Learn how to download, edit, and use templates to create coins to be picked up in game.
Persistent Storage Tutorial 10 Mins How to store variables persistently between game sessions.
Scene Creation Tutorial 10-30 Mins An introduction to the basics of placing and remixing objects.
Environment Art Tutorial 20 Mins Learn how to use the Terrain Creator, swimmable volumes, and the Object Generator.
Modeling Basics Tutorial 20 Mins Learning modelling basics in Core by making delicious food.
Visual Effects Tutorial 10 Mins This page includes tutorials on how to make wicked cool VFX in Core using Lua.
GitHub and Core Tutorial 20 Mins How to use Git and GitHub to collaborate on Core projects.

Last update: June 1, 2020